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Dreemar Create Your Own Reality

Create Your Own Reality

Dreemar provides an intuitive Client interface to create and manage AR Campaigns in minutes without coding or technical experience

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Think Out Of The Box

Augmented Reality delivers deeper connections by enhancing one’s real-world perception with impactful immersive experiences

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Measure ROI

Every interaction is measurable, providing an accurate real-time picture of your client’s interaction with your published campaigns

Dreemar Dashboard

Management Dashboard

We provide one of the leading AR Management Consoles with integrated AR Analytics Dashboards.

You have complete control to manage and monitor all your campaigns and related experiences, and assess in real-time the effectiveness and engagement ratio of each.

As all interactions on content are measurable, you derive rich, strategic insights to guide future campaigns based on facts.  Our customised AR analytics can significantly improve consumer engagement and conversions, increasing your ROI.

AR Analytics

Dreemar Transforms AR Through Analytics to Make Data-Driven Decisions

AR is considered to be one of the most exciting developments in the digital marketing space.  Leading businesses globally both large and small, have adopted AR to enhance their marketing communication through a more informative, interactive and immersive experience.

What makes this successful is that as consumers opt-in to experience AR, AR driven campaigns command higher engagement ratios and greater end-user time spent, as compared to traditional digital marketing devices.

And now with Dreemar AR solutions, every interaction is measurable, tracking every user interaction, time spent on every experience etc., to provide invaluable customer insights, increase the ROI and drive data-driven decisions of the future.


Effectiveness of AR Marketing

Dreemar’s integrated AR Analytical engine, provides the real-time dynamism of AR campaigns, giving rise to a minefield of rich data.  The data extends to end user insights from which experiences have the highest engagement ratio and which bring about higher conversions.

With the help of our AR Analytics, you are able to see the exact duration of time the product experience was viewed; what other product experiences were viewed in the same session; and what action your customer chose to take post engagement.  If we may say, augmented data analytics is no less than getting a sneak peek inside the mind of your consumers.

Dreemar A Global Award Winner

Dreemar: A Global Powerhouse in AR Innovation

Dreemar and our Clients through their application of the Dreemar AR Platform, have achieved global recognition through Innovation and Technology Awards, across multiple industry sectors.

Dreemar pioneers development and expansion of creativity across AR, expanding the horizons of applications across all sectors of life.

Experience Augmented Reality

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Want To Experience Augmented Reality!

Simply scan the QR code to access the App Stores and download the Dreemar AR App.

Once downloaded, select each subsequent tabs to view different types of AR engagement.

Obviously these are just simple examples from a global client base, so why not enjoy the experience and take our 30-day no obligation trial to build and create your very own experiences.

AR Interactive Magazine Cover

Transform Any Image By Adding Video Content

Image how much more impactful the emotional rollercoaster when this technology transforms a static publication cover as an example with integrated video.

Suddenly Wedding Albums and any publication celebrating something memorable take on a new dimension, or how this this approach elevates POS material.

Interactive Packaging

Packaging Animation Provides An Entirely New Opportunity Of Consumer Engagement

Whilst AR to Video has extensive reach to the consumers of any publication, interaction with POS material etc., animation adds another dimension that allows Marketers to expend information flow even further.

Animation is especially applicable across educational materials, however in packaging, labels can now incorporate significantly greater Brand and product information, health and safety tips, guidelines for use etc.

AR in Education

Animation Facilitates Easier Learning

Adding animation to any children’s publication etc., helps children of all abilities to comprehend the subject.

Some children rely on visual queues whereas others are auditory.  AR provides a unique opportunity to engage with children and indeed all end users of any level of ability.

Dreemar Green Screen Technology

Green Screen Applications Add Another Dimension To Innovative Information Sharing

As the example illustrates, the application of Green Screen technology provides unique opportunities to make static printed content spring to Life!

Applications extend from POS promotional campaigns by a local movie star to illustrating how a product can be used, to extending a storyline or written lesson as examples.

AR Gamify

Creative “Gaming” Applications Can Target Specific Age Groups

Packaging and labels take on an entirely new meaning for the younger generation, through “gamification” of the Brand packaging.

Suddenly Marketers have another weapon at their disposal to target specific age groups and market segments  Gamification extends to Surveys, Puzzles and many more applications.

Plans & Pricing

Dreemar provide a range of Plans structured to suit any size of business or personal needs, catering to a global client base


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Dreemar made this project so easy, from the first step all through to delivery. They gave constant communication through the process and really considered our guests’ experience. We were thrilled with the results.

Kirsty Baltazar

Marketing DIrector at Gumbuya World

Thanks for all the immense support that you and the team have given us. Your software has re-energised our magazine with the integration of AR. We trended #1 on both app stores for education.

Lester Kok

Asst. Director at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



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